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I blame YOU for this Favre garbage

August 3, 2010

That’s right.  YOU.


We went through this before he signed with the Jets.  We did the whole dance again when he first decided to work at the Metrodome.  It’s going on three years now, and you still keep falling for it.

Here’s how the cycle works:

1) Favre retreats to podunk Mississippi home, hangs out with high school kids to stay fresh.

2) Podunk Mississippi newspaper runs with any miniscule tidbit, citing flaky sources ranging from high school kids to third-hand trainers.

3) ESPN reports podunk Mississippi story.

4) YOU watch, then complain about Favre hogging the headlines.

5) ESPN, sports radio talking heads boast about being “sick and tired” of Favre hogging the headlines.

6) Return to Step 2.

When you go on Twitter, Facebook, or any other message board, YOU are actively participating in Step 4.  YOU acknowledge that the story has grabbed your attention and, by doing so, clue off media trackers that you don’t mind eating the same junk.  Content editors read the data, and out of professional habit, focus on “what the people want.”

If YOU don’t want to hear about it, DON’T angrily boast that you’re still paying attention.

When you make the effort to excise Step 4, you end the cycle.  The Year Without Football is a grander attempt to cut Steps 3 & 5 out, but when YOU actively perpetuate the cycle, then YOU become part of the problem.

With this post, the name “Favre” will no longer be a part of the Year Without Football vocabulary.  If I do need to refer to him, it will be as the shadowy figure whose status is always in question: “TBD”



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