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Front Page, Old News: What to make of

August 5, 2010

Just over three days remaining before I begin the Year Without Football.  One of my main curiosities heading into the experiment was to examine how major American online media outlets cover sports other than football.  I’ll grant you that this begins in one of the slowest points of the sports year.

But there’s ALWAYS something happening.

The following screencap was grabbed from the Sports Illustrated website at about 10:45am, Pacific Time on August 5th, 2010. sets aside thirteen spots for Top Stories.  Two of these are two days old.

News of Shaq’s signing with Boston and Mike Modano agreeing to a deal with the Red Wings both broke on Tuesday.  Yet there they are, yet to be bumped.

The argument is, from the perspective of Year Without Football, were there two more significant non-football stories to report since then?

No mention of a pretty entertaining 13-inning pitcher’s duel between two playoff contenders in the Rays and Twins?

No interest in speculation that one of the most popular teams on Earth could be bought out by the Chinese government?

Heck, NASCAR is moving one of its races away from a major stronghold metropolis. The league’s paring down in a major fan and corporate hotspot for the sport, and that’s not a fresher story than something that happened two days ago?

I recognize that it’s extremely difficult to compete in an unnecessary 24-hour news cycle, but there is ALWAYS something newer and more significant to update.  When two of your top-billed stories can be referred to in the time frame “earlier in the week,” then you’ve dropped the ball.



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