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Day One: The Blockade

August 8, 2010

The day started off like any other.  I woke up fairly groggily to the rustling of our restless dog, Braddock,  on the bedroom floor.  Ate breakfast, took Braddock for a brisk walk to reinforce some of the training techniques used in his obedience classes.

Shortly thereafter, I fired up the HD, grabbed the cable remote, gritted my teeth, and officially locked in for the Year Without Football.

Each and every one of the ESPN networks, as well as their HD counterparts and the Big Ten Network, is blocked as a safeguard until after the Super Bowl.  This allows me to stay tuned in for potential late-season telecasts of Northeastern basketball and hockey on The Cartel, while holding firm on my committment to avoid as much of the daily football hype and conversation as possible.

So…that’s done.  What now?  A new feature:


First, it’s the dog’s “birthday”.  More precisely, it’s the date that the shelter assumes he was born on since he was found on the street.  He’s in store for a trip to the dog park and one of those giant, three-foot-long rawhide bones.  It will vanish by the end of the day; he is the Joey Chestnut of the SPCA.  Melissa worked yesterday, so we’re probably going to relax at the house as much as possible.  The Netflix for tonight is “Walk the Line.”  I’m surprised that she, a country-at-heart girl, hasn’t seen the movie yet.  Whatever tides us over until we start getting Dexter Season 4 (we’re catching up, slowly but surely.)

The sporting landscape is pretty barren tonight.  If you’re into an upper-class professional sports public shaming, you might check out the Bridgestone Classic on ABC, where there’s no cut and no ceiling for Tiger Woods sulking out.  Here in CA, both the Angels and Dodgers play early in the day.  The Cape Cod League All-Star Game from Fenway Park is showing on CBS College Sports (1pmEST), while Fox Soccer Channel is rebroadcasting a VERY entertaining exhibition from last night featuring Landon Donovan and the LA Galaxy vs. Real Madrid at the Rose Bowl.  NBC puffs up its Olympic chest with Michael Phelps and the U.S. Nationals.

If you can find a way to watch either the MLS game between the sudden juggernaut New York Red Bulls and the revamped Chicago Fire without using ESPN, do so.  These are two of the teams that are doing everything they can to bolster the competitive strength of American soccer.  The Cartel also carries Yankees/Red Sox, but you knew that already.

It’s a start, but Day One should be a breeze.  This week carries potential Jury Duty, so being tossed into a captive social situation like that should provide some interesting anecdotes to what people are talking about.

Here we go.



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