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Day 5: The First Setbacks

August 13, 2010

I survived the onslaught of NFL chatter for four days. That’s about half a Hannukah, and maybe just as impressive as a lamp that doesn’t burn oil.

Then the wave of preseason began…

The first wave began around 3pm when college Facebook friends began buzzing about the Patriots running up the score on the Saints. About 8 or 9 tweets and updates later, the flurry began to deaden. It was about 7pm out here in California, so I switched over to the ABC affiliate to catch Jeopardy.

BZZZZZZZZ! Raiders vs. Cowboys: the perfect storm of everything annoying about football. The two biggest front-runner, fashion statement, pay no attention to recent failure franchises in America and, possibly, the world. These are fanbases where the poser-to-reason ratio is higher than the their average IQ. (I’d say GPA but that would assume that a Raider fan has ever attended college without the aid of an athletic scholarship.)

Click. TV off, internet abandoned. I hit the XBox for a few rounds of Street Fighter IV and a session of Fallout 3 before the new episode of Futurama.

Jury duty didn’t need me either; looks like I’m free for another year. Melissa was a bit stressed at work and wonders what impact it’ll have before we get our first appointment for the baby. Braddock continues his training and does well away from the classes. Once he’s in the confines of the SPCA training facility, it all goes out the window, so we’re planning on training him outside of his comfort zone.

I’m going to try something different for the next post; hopefully the idea works out. As for today, it’s definitely the first time I found it hard to avoid overhearing the games, so the first dollar is in the bank. It had to happen eventually, right?



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