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Day 7: Fun Start, Anxious Flurry

August 15, 2010

The first week of NFL preseason ended with little fanfare or noteworthy happenings.  I’ve found that despite successfully blocking out ESPN that any significant events will make their way onto Twitter and Facebook.

The second week of the preseason is traditionally when the first fantasy leagues and eliminator pools are drafted.  I’ve had to turn down several invitations in the last week.  Most of the time, the commissioners are aware of my project but simply lost track when brainstorming for members.

Things will pick up next week as well as school begins; I’ll shortly have a student-teaching placement and a deeper pool of interaction to test out the project.

This was a solid weekend for the English Premier League, and today’s Liverpool/Arsenal contest made for an eventful climax.  Two red cards, an untimely concussion, puncuated by yet another trademark England-based goaltending blunder to end the game in a 1-1 draw.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter grabbed some headlines this week by suggesting that the World Cup may no longer allow games to end in ties.  This year’s tournament was marked by a slow start thanks to many teams taking it easy in preparation for a maddening final matchday in the group stages.  Eliminating ties should instill a sense of greater immediacy early in the stage.  I’m curious to see whether the initiative is put in place before highly sought after officiating reforms and if either will be implemented in time for Brazil in 2014.


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