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Day 9: Vague Answers

August 17, 2010

It’s the last week before classes start back up again. The baseball season has been relatively quiet at this point; I iimagine it’ll get more interesting next month. The big problem is that many of the races have been all but decided. San Diego’s pulling away in the NL West, the AL Central & West have been decided for a month, we KNOW that both the Yanks and Rays are in (but in what order?). The remaining teams in the NL appear to be three out of some combination of Philly, Atlanta, San Fran, Cincy and St. Louis, and the NL always ends up having the better races at the end of the year.

This would normally be when football talk saturates the time. I’m frustrated by the ways that the cable news networks manipulate and stretch out stories in order to fill time. That’s how people who stick to these networks end up with their political views skewed to the extreme. The more you think about it, SportsCenter does the same thing. Straight highlights can only keep one’s attention for so long anymore, so all the distractions on the periphery tend to fill in the rest.

Facebook and Twitter had a couple of vague comments about last night’s Giants/Jets game and from what I gathered, Eli Manning took a pretty good lashing. That’s about the extent of my awareness of the game…blissful ignorance, I guess. I didn’t spend a lot of time with sports last night; my wife worked the overnight shift the previous evening and we kept it pretty quiet all day.

To be honest, the annual Giants/Jets game has always been a bit of a joke. Because of the NFL’s divisional structure putting the two New York teams in different conferences, there isn’t enough competitive familiarity to build enough of a true rivalry where even the preseason games carry significance. Not in the way baseball established specific rivals for each teams in order to preserve those inter-city clashes.

Then again, the only events aside from baseball anf football to choose from is taped MMA on Versus or the Monday night mainstay of professional wrestling on USA (don’t be fooled; Monday Night Raw draws higher ratings than Fox News, for whatever that says about the significance of both.)

In past years, I would have watched the Giants/Jets for a quarter, but I always did so begrudgingly. I’ve always had a tepid relationship with the New York Giants as a fan…I’ll get into that tomorrow.



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