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Day 28: The Social Network

September 5, 2010

Today’s theme: Foiled by Facebook.

With it being the first full weekend of college football, my page was littered with friends’ status updates relating to the games.  Keeping in mind I have no idea what any of the scores were, here’s a smattering about yesterday’s games in the form of actual status updates:




Twitter was MUCH worse.  Every 15-30 minutes, there’d be an update on Northeastern football.  Yes, Northeastern cut football after last season.  THAT’S THE POINT.

I tried pretty hard to keep time occupied yesterday to keep my focus away.  My wife and I watched the last 5 episodes of Dexter Season Four in the morning, went to our favorite Chinese restaurant before making a rare appearance at the movie theater to see “Going the Distance.”  (Charlie Day absolutely steals the movie; very tempted to have my name changed to “Daniel von Jagermeister”, hunt for baby pigeons, dress like “Charlie Chaplin” at a 30 year high school reunion and DJ some friends’ hookups with 80s music.)  I knocked out a few rounds of StarCraft II, then got a new game in from Gamefly which should keep me occupied while Melissa’s at work.  We wrapped up the evening with our Saturday night ritual of Cops and America’s Most Wanted…

when I was blindsided with the NFL’s emotional appeal to the loser teams: the annual “Everyone’s Undefeated Now!” ad.  If you are the person in the ad who runs to the attic in order to fly a St. Louis Rams flag from a 35-foot pole in your front yard after their abysmal showing last season, then you’re part of the problem.  You and me…we’re enemies now.  I won’t forget this.

Between all the status updates and the ads sneaked in, it’s another day, another dollar for the SPCA.  I’m still sporting a 22-6 record on the year, but this was the biggest indicator of what I’ve got in store once the NFL starts.  So, here’s a major revision to the master plan.

From 9am local time Saturday morning through 8pm Sunday night, I will not log into Facebook or Twitter.  That’s “radio silence” for nearly 36 hours.  It’s brutal, but it’s what I have to do.



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