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Day 32: NFL Opening Night

September 9, 2010

The real test begins tonight as the Vikings and Saints meet in the NFL’s kickoff game.  The only reason I know this is because a) the Super Bowl Champions have recently hosted the kickoff game over the last few years and b) I’ve accidentally caught snippets of promos on NBC beginning with “…HE’S BACK.”

The Year Without Football has reached its second month, and the first 31 days have been surprisingly eventful.  In addition to the personal events mentioned previously including the news that our first child is on the way, I’ve been interviewed and featured by a handful of prominent online sports sites.  It started when a college friend referred the site to the sports section of, sending a handful of traffic this way.  One of those who caught wind of the project was Dan Fogarty of, who almost immediately contacted me to schedule an interview.

The day after the interview was posted, I got word that the site had been posted on Sports Illustrated’s Hot Clicks section.  In one day, the site went from double-digit page views to quadruple-digits.  There are a couple of other interviews in the works, but I’ll get into those when they go live.

I’ve had only a handful of setbacks, some of which were of my own doing.  For the most past, however, I’ve been able to successfully adhere to my goal by eliminating the ESPN Cartel from my regular media diet and removing myself from football-friendly situations when applicable.

That was all during the preseason.

For much of the nation, baseball ended a month or two ago.  With about 3 weeks left, the playoff picture in the Majors is pretty restricted.  You know where your team stands and there isn’t much that will change that.  Needless to say, a LOT of people have been anticipating tonight’s season-opener.

This is when the fuel really hits the fire…it all begins now.



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