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Day 39: Schooled by State Education

September 16, 2010

Today was the first day of the agonizing home stretch on the road to the California teaching credential. There’s about a 3.5 year gap between my “Beaming Upside Undergrad” and “Out-of-State Postgrad with Widow’s Peak” eras and since this turn in academia is funded out-of-pocket, I’ve been much more critical and aware of the process.

Administration has been excruciating. Maybe I was spoiled by the labyrinthian yet efficient bureaucracy at Northeastern, but I can’t remember being a consumer of any organization as disorganized as this. Restructuring, lack of interdepartmental communication and incompetency have plagued the education department through the period of state budget cuts and furloughs. My scheduled completion date of June ’10 had been bumped up to the end of the calendar year and could possibly get bumped again depending on student teaching placements.

Once in the classroom, the professors are strongly backed up by experience and connections. Advice is strong, expectations are clear and elevated.

One professor this quarter began instruction by modeling how to access the syllabus online. He typed in his username, then divulged the password: JAYHAWKS.

The smart-ass sports fan in me spoke up.

Me: “Was the username ROCKCHALK taken?”
Prof: “No, but we DID beat Georgia Tech 28-25 this weekend!”




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