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Day 47 LATE: “One Day in September”

September 24, 2010

The string of festivities leading up to tonight’s Australian Football League Grand Final continued with both participating teams, regular-season champions Collingwood and last year’s Grand Final runners-up St. Kilda, taking part in the annual parade through the streets of Melbourne.

This is the first year I’ve tracked Grand Final week, and if I needed a frame of reference to compare it to, I’d use Speed Week in Indianapolis. Participants parade through the host city and greet the public. Lavish awards and benefit galas are hosted. The red carpet is rolled out over an extended period to build the local and national media hype culminating in a national rite of celebration: the One Day in September.

Although just about any part of the country could reasonably host the Grand Final, league organizers have a wonderful host in Melbourne. That’s how you build a great traditon.

Find a feed: 9:30pm Pacific tonight.  ST. KILDA!



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