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Day 50: The Surprise Shoutout

September 27, 2010

One of the great benefits of this project is the support that pops up in unexpected places.

In the period after I left broadcasting where I was trying to find out what my next move would be, I tried my hand at management through Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  I went through the management training program, dealt with their nightmare customers and their nightmare vehicles, tried my hand at networking in the corporate marketplace…pretty much everything you’d envision in a sales environment.  I took the small joys wherever I could find them.

Business on Fridays included a regular trip out to the airport to pick up students from the International Flight Training Academy (IFTA), an institution that imports flight trainees from Korea and Japan who will return home to operate their national airliners upon graduation.  The Academy rented vehicles for their students to take down to Los Angeles to meet with friends and connect with the city’s cultural outlets so as to alleviate homesickness.

For the flight students, this meant a break from intense flight training.  For the Enterprise employee, it meant a long drive away from the office at the busiest time of the week AND guaranteed customers of the company’s full insurance package.

The trip out to IFTA meant the week was almost over and as such, I’d try to build in some routines to make the time pass more smoothly.  This included getting a proper large vehicle ready, departing the office with plenty of time to spare and waiting outside the campus gates until the agreed upon departure time.  As I waited, I’d click on the local NPR affiliate in time for the conclusion of their Friday business report, focusing on the business of sports.  The conversations combined my still-alight passion for sports and my growing awareness of the finer points of business and the behind-the-scenes aspects of the industry.  Once Stefan Fatsis entered into a conversation with All Things Considered anchor Robert Siegel, I knew I was about 3 hours away from a rewarding Friday brew.

Flash forward to today’s milestone: Day 50.  I checked WordPress to prepare some new ideas when I check the referrals and notice a growing number of hits arriving from  I followed the link which led to me to the site’s weekly sports podcast, Hang Up and Listen hosted by…Stefan Fatsis.  Fatsis had stumbled upon the site during research for discussion of the Australian Grand Final debacle and gave a wonderfully detailed capsule of Year Without Football near the end of the program. (Jump to 42:40 mark) Hang Up & Listen Podcast – September 27, 2010

It’s humbling when some of the people you really respect get word of your work, doubly so when they pass the word along.

Stefan: If NPR somehow lands the American broadcasting rights to Aussie Rules in 2011, I PROMISE I’ll install the app!


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  1. September 28, 2010 5:52 AM

    Recommend that you give Team Handball a look see. The European Federation now offers a free game of the week with English language commentary.

    Stefan Fatsis is a big fan of the sport and previously gave my website a shout out on their podcast.

    Regarding my football watching it’s funny to look back and see how getting married, having children and getting involved with other sports has dramatically decreased my football watching. I basically watch a couple of games a week now and only via my DVR so I can watch a game in about an hour and a half.

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