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Day 63: The CNN Spoiler

October 9, 2010

I’ve been pretty lucky in regards to the major news outlets.  The NFL season is about 3 weeks in and I only am aware of the records of a handful of teams.  I was extremely proud when, during a conversation with my mother calling from Pennsylvania, asked me thought of the Michael Vick situation, to which I boastfully asked, “What Michael Vick situation?  I’m in the dark!”  Is there ANOTHER Michael Vick situation?  I couldn’t tell you.

As a child of the internet generation, I still need to be clued in to what is going on in the world around me.  Sites like Digg and Fark are great, quick aggregators but I still frequent the major news sites.  Specifically, CNN’s website.  It’s been strange to see how desperate they’ve become to remain relevant online with their attempts to integrate Twitter and celebrity gossip into their hard news rotation, but the information provided is still more solidly reported than most of the other legitimate outlets.

Which is why this one hurt…

For some reason, I had believed that Alabama had already lost, so I was surprised to see they were ranked #1.  I don’t know who they lost to, don’t know what the score was.  But the result itself is certainly relevant enough to shake up the college football hierarchy.  And now, thanks to CNN, I’m just barely aware of it.

Chalk another one up to “Never saw it coming.”



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