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Day 64: The Inconvenient Sacrifices

October 10, 2010

Despite the mainly clean break from football so far during the project, there are some things I miss that I’ve had to omit.

I haven’t been able to catch this season of “The League” on FX…easily the most momentum of any new comedy from last season.

I had to skip through past a Three Stooges marathon on AMC this morning when they aired the college football short, The Three Little Pigskins.

I’ve had to stay away from what is easily the funniest half-hour of sports talk radio, KNBR’s daily segment with Gary Radnich and Tony Bruno.

Fantasy football…I can’t really say I MISS it, but the drafts themselves were always enjoyable.

Overall, I’ve gained a lot more than I’ve given up.  However, there are some things I’ll be glad to have back when the project ends after the NFL Draft.

When I did an interview for the local Fox affiliate, I mentioned that I might head to Disneyland for Super Bowl Sunday.  While the trip may prove to be a fun respite and interesting social report, it may not be enough. Outside of Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl period is the one that will provide the greatest challenge to Year Without Football.

From Championship weekend (January 23, 2011) through one week after the Super Bowl, I’m going to need to lock down even further.  One of my main goals is to make it at least through the face-off of the Beanpot Championship Game (February 14th, 2011) without knowing A) the participants in the Super Bowl or b) the final score.

The measures I’ve taken thus far will not be enough to achieve these goals.  Once Thanksgiving rolls around, I should have a pretty strong idea what further steps will be taken in order to successfully navigate the Super Bowl.

A revised plan is something I’m going to have to strongly consider starting now.



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