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Day 66: Professor Pigskin May Be A Plant

October 12, 2010

OK…I think he might be wise to the project…

For the THIRD TIME IN FOUR WEEKS, the well-documented professor of my Teaching to Special Needs class, anonymous referred to here as Professor Pigskin, dropped an OBVIOUS football reference during discussion.

This particular lesson dealt with ADHD and the general person’s attention span, which usually lasts at most 15-20 minutes.

“You as fairly normal adults function the same way.  You’re working on a project, you hit a minor obstacle and your mind starts wandering…’What are we having for dinner?’ ‘What’s BRETT FAVRE doing?‘”

Great…not only squeezes in another football reference but does so using “TBD“.  Guess he couldn’t figure out a way to squeeze in Ochocinco or T.O.

At this point, three weeks in a row completely out of nowhere…this can’t be a coincidence.  An inside job by the SPCA?  Perhaps a disgruntled parent using my project as an outlet for distress over his child’s misplaced ambition?

The class is predominantly female (about a 7:1 ratio) and there are plenty of other categories of reference to make if you feel like you need to connect with students during a lecture.  Why football?  And why so forced?  Regardless of the motive, Professor Pigskin now joins Ochocinco in the halls of Year Without Football’s version of “The Guild of Calamitous Intent.” Congratulations, Pigskin.  It’s on.



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