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Day 84: I’m More Pro-‘Title IX’ Than Ever

October 31, 2010

It’s a girl!

Not just any girl…a girl who kicks her legs, wriggles around, stretches her back, darts, jukes, evades detection, and…ultimately…knows how to take a solid nap.

I don’t know if this means she’ll play soccer, hockey, or run marathons.  If I want to keep pace for when we run Boston together in 2029, I have to start training tomorrow.

This goes to you, the institutions of higher education.  Add as many sports as you can over the next two decades.  Go crazy.

I have never been as much of a proponent of Title IX than I am at this very moment.

Whenever a men’s sport gets cut from college athletics program, the first recipient of blame is usually Title IX.  Reactionaries such as parents and boosters cast the effects of the legislation as a polar opposite of its impact; that instead of encouraging greater program offerings and equal opportunities, Title IX instead enables public universities to drop scholarship Olympic sports in order to meet the law’s standards.

Nevermind that more student-athletes are now receiving scholarships than at any point in history and that female athletic participation has risen nearly 15% in over 15 years. Men’s participation has increased at an even greater rate during the life of Title IX: +37.8% since the 1981-82 season.

Add that to the fact that girls tend to have an educational advantage (or at least the perception of an advantage…) and I feel great…there’s never been a better time in human history to be a baby girl.

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