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Day 85: Thoughts on the World Series

November 1, 2010
  • My dad was a solid Brooklyn Dodgers fan…I wonder how Brooklyn fans are taking the San Francisco Giants’ World Series title.  Do they even care anymore?  Has the old National League orange vitriol melded into the Dodger blue colors of the New York Mets?
  • After watching the last few World Series, I realized that the Yankees aren’t the most hated team in baseball.  That honor belongs to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.  No other pairing sucks the life out of an intense moment than these two.  In fact, after constantly pumping Jerry Jones and the Cowboys during the WORLD FREAKING SERIES (Thanks for costing me an extra buck to the tally, Joe…), Buck has earned the honor in replacing Tony Siragusa in the Anti-banner.
  • World Series MVP?  Edgar Rent-a-Wreck…huh…Good props, but minus points for nearly IMPALING Bruce Bochy in the face with the trophy.
  • Watching Brian Wilson give interviews…I feel like he must be some familial cross-section of Andy Kaufman and CM Punk…he knows exactly how to manipulate the media in the palm of his hand.  Just masterful.

  • AND he calls out Chris Rose, Buck and McCarver as skeptics.  Let’s mic him up next season.
  • This could be a great 24-hour stretch for the city of San Francisco:  Giants win the World Series, Gavin Newsom gets elected Lieutenant Governor AND Prop 19 could pass?  The party by the Golden Gate may never end…
  • None of the Giants players gave a damn about the World Series trophy.  Renteria, Wilson, Lincecum…they all gave the trophy back to Chris Rose when they were done with the interview.  As soon as the trophy leaves the interview area…major fermented dousage.
  • Final note: the Commissioner’s Trophy presentation provided another example of how different leagues and sports prioritize organizational efforts.  In MLB, the NFL and NBA, who does the commissioner first present the trophy to?  The team’s owner.  In hockey, soccer, rugby and Aussie Rules, who does the commissioner/president first hand the trophy to?  The captain of the winning team.



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