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Day 90: The Wedding Experiment

November 7, 2010




We’ve been back in the New York area this weekend for the wedding of my sister, Robin.  Melissa and I are both in the wedding party and it would be the last chance for her to visit my family on the East Coast before the birth of Hollie.

Since this is a situation in which many of the wedding’s guests are unaware of Year Without Football, I decided to document the instances where I make those inevitable and unavoidable connections.

9:45am – We’re headed to Staten Island from West Orange in a southeastern direction.  Our route to the New Jersey Turnpike takes us north instead of south and I suddenly find myself serendipitously en route past notorious Exit 16W.  Before we can correct our course, I have to pass by the Meadowlands and the fresh monstrosity that the Giants and Jets call home not once…but twice.

10:25am – I arrive at the groom’s house for morning dress and photos.  The neighbor two doors down has a Jets banner draped vertically from his fence.

2:45pm – The ceremony is over and we load up the party bus for the 45-minute trip to the reception.  The bus featured two plasma screens with digital receivers.  The last time I was in a limo with a TV antenna was back during the Chargers/Giants snowball game…pretty staticy.   Now that the over-the-air signal is digital, the picture is crystal clear…

7:00pm – Catching up with uncles and relatives.  “Did you see the BC game today?!?!” comes up about 5 times.

8:00pm – The real party begins…entrance my the bridal party, including Melissa and myself.  Wonderful reception, complete with LCD monitors displaying photos from as far back as the bride and groom’s childhood and as recent as a few minutes before (the photographer uploaded a flash drive for an instant slideshow).  The baby shots of Robin, paired with watching her dance with my father, really hit me.  It was touching for many reasons, mainly that I began to envision a similar evening with Hollie and myself down the line.

The entire weekend was a reconnection with my extended family as well as a preview of my future life as a father.  The football scene is on the radar in NYC, though it takes a backseat to the New York City Marathon this weekend.  Just goes to show that life and sports, like politics, are all local.



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