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Day 92: The Dead Computer

November 8, 2010

Maybe I was too hard on the ol’ girl…

We returned back from Robin’s wedding on Sunday and collapsed into bed following another 10-hour journey back west.  I awoke this morning ready to throw myself back into the fray.  Big week of teaching…a major assignment due…why won’t the friggin’ thing turn on?

Computer’s dead.  Won’t turn on.

Unplug and plug…nothing.

Hold the button…nothing.

…that’s it.  I’m cracking this thing open.  Nothing too serious, but my sense is that the power supply that came with the system, after months of loud puttering, has finally given out.

It’s in my best interest to find a replacement ASAP.  The computer supply store around the corner doesn’t have any in at the moment, so I checked next door at Radio Shack.  Radio Shack isn’t really a computer supply store anymore, but they were there and I decided to give it a shot.

They didn’t have too many computer parts, but they DID have plenty of televisions.  All of them turned to the same station in demonstration mode…on Monday Night.

Blitzed by an entire wall of Steelers/Bengals.

[Cue “O Fortuna”]

…great to be back home…



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