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Day 96: Where Did My Awareness Go?

November 11, 2010

The Year Without Football is  approaching its 100th day and while personal changes to my life have guided my course of actions, I’ve found that lately I hardly notice football’s absence from my daily routine.

If anything, I’ve found that I’ve been watching sports even less.

This might be for any number of unforeseen reasons.  First, the English Premier League season has been a bit of a dud.  Chelsea has dominated the rest of the league and the other major teams are either treading water to keep up (Arsenal, Manchester United) or have performed poorly enough to threaten their very existence in the top flight (Liverpool).  There’s a neat story developing with the resurgence and surprise FA Cup run by Ebbsfleet United, but otherwise it’s a disappointingly dull year in English soccer.

Second, my top team, the Northeastern University Men’s Hockey squad, has been downright dismal.  The Huskies, competing in college hockey’s hyper-competitive Hockey East, are 1-5-2 on the year, winless at home in seven appearances (including the exhibition) and have just lost three straight against opponents from the Atlantic Hockey conference.  Prior to this season, only two Hockey East teams had ever lost to an Atlantic team.  Northeastern pulled it off three times in 8 days.  It’s been pretty dispiriting thus far.

Third, the demands of student-teaching, credential courses and baby preparation have hit me all at once.  I’m finding that I can’t really schedule time to sit down at 4pm and watch a top-tier NHL game right now.  The quarter ends before Thanksgiving, so I’ll see if my routine changes.  Any spare time gaps have been filled by firing up the XBox 360 (which has been temporarily placed out of commission due to the dreaded “Red Ring of Death”).

Australian Rules Football, the baseball playoffs, and the regrettably little time I make for hockey and soccer helped to stem the onslaught of football marketing to the point where I hardly notice the little things anymore.  I don’t freak out and turn my head away if I’m stuck behind a team decal on the back of a pick-up truck or change the channel if a football-related story appears on a website or the news.  It’s kind of become white noise…I’ve just tuned it out.

I guess that’s the true sign of a clean break…when you don’t even notice it’s there anymore.



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