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Day 121: Blissful Ignorance

December 6, 2010

Apparently the BCS Selection show was yesterday.  I was attending a company holiday party with Melissa and missed any and all news of bowl appearances for the sport’s phantom championship.  I’m sure the choices were “controversial” (PR code for inexplicable), someone will claim they got screwed (an undefeated team from a non-BCS conference), the ratings will go south and no one will be satisfied.

Meanwhile,  the WWE held their King of the Ring tournament last week, a single-elimination format comprised of eight wrestlers leading to a prestigious title, complete with crown, robe and scepter.  How is it that PRO WRESTLING can handle a playoff-type tournament yet the NCAA can’t figure it out?  The transition wouldn’t be too rough since most of it tends to be pre-determined…

This weekend, though football-free, was busy nevertheless.  I completed the RICA exam, a reading instruction competency evaluation that’s considered the final step to fully credentialed to teach in California.  Four hours were alotted, and I was among the first finishers at 3.5 hours.  All that’s left is a mandatory CPR class and I’m homefree.  Then there was the revelation that our landlord has decided to sell our rental home, thus requiring its vacancy in 30 days.  Luckily, this is a favorable time to rent as many newer homes sit vacant with no expectations of sale due until an uptick in the economy occurs.  Homes listed for rental last about a week before they’re snatched up.  We’ve already had a handful of applications processed and we’ll have a bountiful choice before settling on a new place.

The move should help keep my mind from straying back to football during the home stretch of the NFL regular season.  I’m still pretty cloudy on the performance on most of the teams.  I don’t know any team’s records and am vaguely aware of certain teams’ performances.  The Patriots and Saints are doing well, the Cowboys are in the toilet and the Jets are, well, exactly where their fans imagined they’d be.  That’s about the extent of what I know about the NFL this year.

It’s been tricky trying to come up with new things to post over the last few weeks.  I’ve hit the point where there’s not much new to report about something that’s NOT a big part of my life anymore.  I’ve gotten past any urges to turn to an ESPN channel to catch up or to stay on VERSUS to watch a possession during a college game.

But that time is drawing to a close.  Once the NFL playoffs begin, I’m going to have to take this into overdrive.  A new plan is forming, and A Year Without Football might just take me into the dark ages of information…



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