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Day 182: The Super Bowl Eve Experiment

February 5, 2011

The hype machine has reached its crescendo throughout all forms of media.  My attempts to limit information intake to human interaction have not stopped football feedback, simply limited its impact.

With a day to go, I wanted to document exactly how many interactions and observations occur in unlikely situations: a birthing class and an NBA D-League game.

8:50am – It didn’t take long for the unlikely encounters to begin, as NPR’s Scott Simon and Howard Bryant devoted an entire segment to game hype.  I clicked off, returned five minutes, and the topic had not changed.

I’ll continue to update throughout the day to illustrate just how difficult it will be to carry on in blissful ignorance of Super Bowl XLV. (Hit F5 to refresh the page)

10:02am – The couple in front of Melissa and I are both in the spirit. Both sporting Reebok t-shirts, the wife’s got “Property of Ravens Football” and the husband is apparently “Tailgating Crew Champion.”

11:15am – A mother and expectant daughter begin planning their day for tomorrow. “Mom, do we have to go to church early before the game?”
“I hope so, I don’t want to miss the Obama/O’Reilly interview!” I get the sense that most people who get excited about these interviews truly expect anything groundbreaking have already formed their opinions before the interview even airs without realizing that these are carefully choreographed and negotiated. Then again, more people will see this than the State of the Union.

1:15pm – Before leaving birthing class, we make our way to the admission desk to pre-register. As we enter the automatic doors on the right, a couple exits on the left. The gentleman leads the way, sporting a crisp, fresh, and geographically out-of-place Buffalo Bills cap. There’s got to be a story behind it…

4:19pm: A message board pointed me in the direction of Kyle Whelliston of, focusing on mid-major college basketball.  He has apparently undertaken a tradition of attempting to be the last man in America to learn the result of the game. I have submitted to him a direct challenge on behalf of Year Without Football.  It’s on, Whelliston.

5:50pm – Just as I arrived to the Jam Events Center for Bakersfield/Springfield D-League contest, I received a text from Melissa. She wanted to make a grocery run while I was working press row. “Can I do this tomorrow? This place is overrun with last-minute Super Bowl party hosts and I’m too pregnant to put up with them.” Thanks for hopping on that grenade, sweetheart!

8:02pm – Halftime at Jam City. The team runs a halftime promotion in the form of a drawing contest. The theme: “Who will win the game tomorrow?” The contestants were 10-year-olds with limited artistic abilities. The Packers logo looked like Pac-Man with head trauma.



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