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Originally from Staten Island, NY and a graduate of Northeastern University, I am currently based in southern California.

I started this page in response to the overabundance of hype surrounding the NFL and NCAA Football over the last few years.

I’m a devoted fan of Major League Baseball as well as college and professional hockey;  I’m also wading the waters of domestic and international soccer.

I’ve worked as a broadcaster and in media relations in minor league hockey and am currently going through the process of becoming a certified teacher in California.

Shortly into this project, my wife and I learned that our first child is on the way.  My hope is that this site serves as a chronicle of this unique period of transition.  This is my attempt to juggle an ambitious new career, a new chapter of my family life, my past experiences and my lifelong passion for sports.

To clarify, I’m simply attempting to make it through the year without watching a game, tuning in to analysis of games, players, coaches, transactions, etc.  In attempting to fill the void, I hope to draw comparisons to what other sports are doing to stand out in comparison to football.  It may seem contradictory for me to write about football, but I’ll do so as a reflection of my own experiences to illustrate how different things have become.

I greatly appreciate any feedback if you’re interested in helping with the project or have any input for those following along.  Be sure to stay updated on Twitter @docsatchmo and feel free to subscribe via RSS feed.  Thanks for visiting!


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